beard tips

Growing your beard


We are definitely not the final authority in beard growing, but there are some tips that worked for us.


Firstly, well done on committing to grow a beard!
Grow a thick skin and ignore all the comments, because there will be plenty! Mainly because people are probably not used to you with a beard.
Stick it out, grow it and do your thing!


There are no hard and fast rules to growing a killer beard, but these pointers should help:

  1. Don’t trim your beard for at least the first month! That’s right, just let it hang loose. Do it’s thing.
  2. After a month or so you can start shaping it or trimming it if you’re not planning to go huge.
  3. NEVER trim your beard while it is wet!
  4. You are gonna cut off more than you think, kick the dog or the cat ‘cause you didn’t listen and then in a fit of blind rage shave your beard off and will forever wonder what could have been. Trim it dry!
  5. Don’t use normal soap – it will dry your beard out and make it itchy beyond belief!
  6. Try and stay away from face washes on your beard as well, especially exfoliating ones, as it will break the beard hairs.


Keeping it clean


Your wife or girlfriend and colleagues will be so much happier!
Specially after an ice cream or cappuccino!
Wipe it off with a napkin or a quick splash of water will work too!


Please, for the love of beard hairs, don’t use normal soap or shampoos!
It will dry your beard out and all the oiling will be for nothing.
For best results, use Bearded Brothers Beard Wash – almost like an informercial.


You don’t have to, but it will certainly clean and moisturise your beard.
At least just use plain water.


Making it shine


Shower or wash your face.
Towel dry your beard, but keep it slightly damp.
Drop some oil in your hand – anywhere form the size of a R2 coin, depending on the length or thickness of your beard.
Massage from the skin to the tip of the beard.
You can shape it by hand or even comb it through at this stage to spread the oils around.
After a shower is the best time, as your skin pores will be open and your beard nice and clean.
Comb it through if you want or leave it rough and ready.


More oil does not mean a softer beard!


Final thoughts


Although our blends of oil are close to those of your skin and hair and absorbs pretty easily, it can only take so much! Find the balance.


Our balms are filled with natural waxes and the purest unrefined shea butter. The anti-inflammatory properties are superb and great for those struggling to grow beards or with problem skins. Works great to style your longer “do” too! Although all our products contain only 100% natural oils, butters and waxes, if you do see you are growing a third eye (double chins don’t count!), please stop using and check it out with a doctor.


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