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Average Joe | Arno Mattheus

Our Average Joe for February is Arno Mattheus, or Rooibaard as we call him. The only thing bigger than his awesome beard is his love for people and his passion for coffee.

We chatted to him at Die Koffieman, Durbanville and got to see how he makes his favourite brew.

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1.What do you do for a living?

I am Senior Youth and Worship Pastor at Durbanville-Bergsig Church. I have been in worship and youth ministry since 1997. It is such a great privilege to live out my passion and calling. What else can one ask for in life?


2. How did you get into beard growing?

I have always had a goatee or some sort of beard, In 2015 I went to a worship and church conference in the USA and had the privilege to see Crowder, one of the best worship and gospel artist, perform live. He has a proper beard and on my return, I decided to grow it out. Fortunately, my wife is a big fan of me having a beard and it made it so much easier.


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Average Joe | Marius du Randt

Average Joe

Welcome to our new monthly feature, Average Joe.

In this section our aim is to interview normal guys like you and me. We find out more about them – what they do for a living, their passions and interests and off course what got them into growing beards in the first place.

This month we feature Marius du Randt. Most guys would envy his job. He works for one of our favourite craft beer companies, but he is also a very nice guy!

Marius du Randt

Age: 27

1. What do you do for a living?

I am currently the Logistics Manager for a craft brewery in Paarl. I compile most orders here in the Western Cape and dispatch them to customers. I also manage the national distribution so that our fresh beers can be delivered to happy customers!