Beard dandruff

How to deal with beard dandruff

You thought normal dandruff is embarrassing ? Try beard dandruff!

And the problem is actually more common than you might think. Last week I got an email from one of our product users asking how to deal with it.
I will share how I dealt with mine (yes, it happens to the best of us!).

First we have to understand what happens:

Skin under the beard usually gets dry when natural oil of skin dries out, causing flaking. Dryness is responsible for itching and irritation to skin under beard. Cold and dry weather can also be causes of dry and flaky skin.

The other cause is normally the result of moisture build-up close to skin, causing a fungal type growth or reaction to occur. (My beard normally goes through this phase at the start and end of winter during the change of seasons).

So what are your options?

Shaving is NOT one of them!

Here is a quick list:

  1. Avoid normal body soaps and even dandruff shampoo
    I can’t stress this enough! It will dry out your beard and skin even more! Use our range of mild castile (olive oil based) soaps to clean moisturise your skin and beard.
  2. Avoid really hot water on your beard
    As nice as a piping hot shower is in winter, try and avoid it on your beard. It causes your skin to release more of its natural oils, which will in turn dry your skin out even more.
  3. Apply quality beard oil
    If you are not doing it already – start now! Towel dry your beard after the shower, leaving it slightly moist. Apply a generous amount of quality beard oil to your beard, massaging from the skin to the beard tip.
  4. Gently dry your beard
    Grab a blowdryer, set to its most gentle setting and dry the areas closest to your skin. You’ll be amazed how much water your beard traps! Do this after you have applied beard oil.
  5. If your skin itches
    Apply some coconut oil directly to the irritated skin a few times. You will feel relief within a short while.

Keep this routine up a few days and you will start seeing results!

Do you have any other tips or tricks that worked for you? Share it with us.


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