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Average Joe | Marius du Randt

Welcome to our new monthly feature, Average Joe.

In this section our aim is to interview normal guys like you and me. We find out more about them – what they do for a living, their passions and interests and off course what got them into growing beards in the first place.

This month we feature Marius du Randt. Most guys would envy his job. He works for one of our favourite craft beer companies, but he is also a very nice guy!

Marius du Randt

Age: 27

1. What do you do for a living?

I am currently the Logistics Manager for a craft brewery in Paarl. I compile most orders here in the Western Cape and dispatch them to customers. I also manage the national distribution so that our fresh beers can be delivered to happy customers!




2. How did you get into beard growing?

To be honest, I think most men get into growing beards because they are fed up with shaving every day! Haha! When my wife and I were engaged, I decided to just leave my beard to grow it till the wedding so that when the day comes I would shave it off. A few days before the wedding my wife loved it too much (as did I) and I got married with a styled beard and had it ever since!



3. We hear you are a keen whiskey connoisseur? How did that come about?

I think my love for whisky stemmed from choosing an alternative to beer at one stage and now I just love exploring new flavours and tasting notes of various whiskies from over the world. Whisky is always so interesting as it has this story to it, it is basically history in liquid form because most good whiskies take a while from production till actual consumption, the years it will sit in various casks and the influence of the area etc. That is something that is very special to me.

4. You also have a special project. A little green monster. Tell us more.

Oh yes! Little “Muis”, my mint green, 1972 Austin Mini Mayfair which is such a blessing to have. I have always wanted a classic mini since I was little, I just love these cars and I never thought that I would have one so soon in my life. We were looking for a wedding car to rent and specifically looked for a classic mini and then I found one that is in really good shape and a fair price. We didn’t count on buying it, but the moment we saw it we just had to make a plan to grab it! Unfortunately, it broke down just before the wedding (I know, I know), but she works now and she is such a joy to drive. If you have a bad day, take a drive with Muis and then everybody smiles, laughs and waves at you! You will feel like a superstar after a short drive!

5. What else interests you apart from your job?

I love making music, writing songs and performing them. I would definitely call this my passion and hope to one day pursue a career in the music industry.

6. Other hobbies?

I have done some beer brewing myself which is really fun and way more special than buying cheap beer. But I haven’t brewed in a while. I already work for a great craft brewery which comes with its benefits of course. No use in brewing then!

I have started roasting my own coffee on my stove, I have always wanted to try it and it’s fun! There is nothing like drinking freshly roasted and ground coffee.

My recent hobby/venture with a friend of mine is distilling… So imagine this picture: two guys on camping chairs, one with a beard, making moonshine… Classic.

7. You are also involved in a variety of side-projects. How did these come about?

I am one of the worship music leaders at our church, I have been doing that for almost 12 years now.

I also do some part time talk radio with two other friends of mine. We run a youth program and have fun while covering some topics that affect the youth of today. We still can’t believe that they actually let the three of us loose in the studio!



8. What are you as a man doing for your wife for Valentine’s Day?

I will not be shaving my beard… that should be enough.


I think a date date will be in order. If the weather permits then we will maybe go for a picnic on the beach and just watch the sunset. On Valentine’s Day corny works! And we enjoy date nights. If the weather decides to turn on us (PLEASE LET THERE BE RAIN) then we can always make some good food at home and open a bottle of red wine and enjoy each other’s company.


Do you know of an Average Joe that fits the bill? Even if he does extraordinary things? Send us an email and we’ll make contact to find out more.

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