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Why Bearded Brothers?


Well, it is the beard that binds us together!

Bearded Brothers developed out of a need to produce quality handmade beard products, sourcing the best local ingredients – right down to the packaging – and proving that you can sell quality products, without overcharging for it. We have searched the country to get products in their most original or unrefined form – that is what makes it great! No chemicals added. Pure oils, waxes and butters.




But at the heart of it lies another issue. That is for men to take their place back and be men. For the hearts of fathers to turn to their sons (or daughters or wives).*


Men have been demasculinised for so long, no wonder we don’t know how to so silly things like change a flat tyre anymore!


Our desires are really to see men be men – and we don’t mean chauvinists – men who take risks, go on adventures, do silly DIY projects that might not be perfect, be a great father and a husband.


To be men…


That is why we say Bearded Brothers products are not just for hipsters. So whether you are an olympic beard grower deluxe or a laid back dude with some fluff (and damn proud of it!) – welcome! This stuff is for you!




* Malachi 4:6 KJV


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